Friday, May 12, 2006

Restlessing ...

Yesterday seemed like a hectic day ( but it wasn't ), it just 'felt' hectic. The night before, I had trouble sleeping because I worrying about MUET's Speaking exam. I was afraid that I might choke and crap tremendously. So, going to school yesterday, was like walking to my death ( like jumping of a plank from a pirate's ship ... I think I'm influenced by the upcoming movie sequel to 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' ! ). I spent most of my time in U6BF freaking out infront of Li-Shia.

Somewhere in time I found out that I was the first group to be tested for the 2cd session ! I freaked even more but not infront of my team mates, they looked like beyond the point of freaking ( like they had ran out of blood in their whole body !!! ). Li-Shia helped me mostly in calming down by bringing out my silliness. The people we annoyed on that day were beyond words as we drove them crazy. Poor Phon. Haha !

As 11 O'clock inched ever so close, my classmates and I headed to the quarantine area ( apparently we were supposed to escape the outside world and not be influenced by it .... eeerrr ... or something like that ! ). Being the first team to be tested, we didn't spend much time in quarantine. As we walked to the room for our exam, I seemed less jittery and when I sat at the table appointed, my nervousness dissipated !

Exam came and went ! I think I spoke well. At least better than the other times ! Cool ! I had such an easy title; Explain on the main reasons why University graduates are unemployed and being candidate A my reason given; Poor language and communicative skills. Candidate B, C and D, had the following; Too choosy with jobs, Chose the wrong course of studying and no skills, and No maturity and interpersonal skills. In the second task, we had to come up with the main reason why graduates are unemployed from the reasons previously given to us !

Although my group members faced a few bumps, everything went rather smoothly ! ... I am so so happy everything is finally over now ! Hoping for the best !



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