Monday, April 16, 2007

Being A Blonde In A Crowd Of Brunettes.

So long ! So long till it's the end of April, my travelling shoes are itching already . . . I can't wait for my 1 month trip to Ausralia . . . Everyday I count the hours till work ends, marking off each day on the calendar. I'm so excied !!! It's been ages since I've gone overseas . . .

I'm getting bored of work. Peter expects me to return to work right after my holidaying in Australia, and the truth is, I don't know if I'll be able to return, I don't know if I acually want to continue working there, I don't know wether I really want to work at all there. Don't get me wrong, I love the place, I love the people ( Er, well, certain people ) and I love interacting with customers, but there's something in me, nagging, telling me that I shouldn't work there after coming home from the trip . . . It's confusing, I want to work there but I don't !!! Ugh !!!

'Dumb Blonde', that's my nick-name at work. It's because I'm like a deer caught in headlights permanently ! Two of my colleagues are trying to bleach my hair already. "It's to bask in your natural characteristic" they say ! There is some truth to what they call me, when I get self concious or stressed, I tend to be a little ( Ok ! A lot ) stupid.

Tomorrow ( more like today ), is my day off ( thank God ! ). I am so tired. I need this break.

I miss my friends, I miss my social life, I miss lazing around !!! But, I do admit that working has it's benefits;
  • I get money
  • I get away from my family
  • I meet pleasant people
  • I learn new things
  • I feel much more independent !



Thursday, April 05, 2007

Shopping Heals . . .

I've gotten over the ghost scare at Peter Hoe. Now, I take it as a thing that comes with the job . . . I got my pay today . . . Went shopping the next hour . . . but more clothes . . . cupboard overflowing . . . makes me even more happy . . . !

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ghosts Of A Past Long Forgotten

The title is literal ! Today was the first I heard of ghosts at Peter Hoe. I always thought that I had a weak sixth sense ( If I do have it, I would rather ignore it ) for feeling the presence of something that is "out of place". A colleague called us at the main Peter Hoe store, she said she heard footsteps and plastic bags moving around on the top floor of the smaller Peter Hoe ( it's the store room ). This very incident lead to everyone opening up to me about the ghosts at Peter Hoe.

1st incident: The very same colleague heard voices in the fashion store room in the main store.

2cd incident: Again same colleague, saw a white figure in the kitchen. ( She ran away )

3rd incident: A previous staff heard voices in the store and thought it was customers. When everyone checked, there was no customers in the store at all. ( This happened when they were closing the store )

4th incident ( my account ): During store closing, I always feel a presence at a certain area in Peter Hoe ( I hate going near there )

5th incident ( my account ): When I'm alone near the fashion store room, I feel someone is watching me. ( This is a normal feeling for most people but I feel it too when I'm in the toilet ! )

The building in which Peter Hoe is in happens to be one of the very first buildings ever erected in Kuala Lumpur . . . This could explain why it seems so haunting. A customer once comented that since the building is so old that there could be a couple of ghosts hanging around ( at that time, my colleagues seemed discomforted at what the customer said, I didn't know any better ).

I wish I didn't know about all these stuff, now I'm going to work everyday fearing I might see something I don't want to. Just before closing today, I had to check wether all the windows in the fashion store room were closed or not. They had off-ed most of all the store lights !!! I summed up as much courage as I could and did what I had to do ! If anyone would have come up to me and gave me a fright at that point in time, I would have pee-ed in my pants !!!



Friday, March 30, 2007

Life Isn't All Blueberry Muffins

Work has made me become something I hate the most . . . that is, being a bore ! I haven't had much fun for someone who has about 6 to 7 months of holidays ! I haven't done the things I wanted to do, I haven't learnt mandarin, I haven't taken up a typing class ( I still type with one finger ! ), and I haven't gone clubbing since new year's eve !!! The only thing i did do was, getting a job !!!

I've let my job invade my social life. To hang on to whats left of my social life, I have once a week "meet up's" with Debbi and Michelle and Sonia.

Take today for instance. Today is my day off of work. I used it to go to Leisure Mall with Sonia to catch a movie ( Meet The Robinsons ) ! How sad is that ??? I should've been more adventurous, more spontaneous !

Meet The Robinsons was a feel good movie, one for the kids ! Yet, it had a certain element in the storyline even for adults, a somewhat secret pull for the inner child.

Everytime I have a day off, I feel like not wanting to go back to work the next day. Lately at work, I feel out of place again. An outsider looking in. Some of the staff gets annoyed that I'm pretty much new to everything, so learning and getting used to things slows or stops progression (whatever that means ??? )

I'm sleepy .....


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March Blues

I've been home all day and I still can't come up with anything to blog about. All that I wanted for today was to be plagued by boredom, and I accomplished it ! My work days always seem hectic, colourful if I may be so bold, so naturally I want my day off to be dull, lifeless. Unfortunately, when I ask for something so unmoving, my mind seems clear of any thought, thus, no ideas to blog.

So I just decided to type whatever my mind comes up with at the moment. Uh . . . ?! Nothing is popping in at all . . . it's just a blank . . .

*At least I tried*


Friday, March 02, 2007

The Pages Of A Book

Sometimes I feel that the story of my life is acually right out of a best-seller novel ! Two days ago, on a train ride home from work, I'd usually call my home to tell whoever is at home to pick me up from the station. This phone call was rather a strange one . . . I called and my sister answered, she said that someone will pick me up and added "Oh ! And by the way, our kitchen was on fire". Then she puts the phone down. Naturally, I would think she was being dumb again (it's a very clear trait she possesses). My dad fetched me from the station and the ride home was a rather quiet one. As soon as I stepped into the house, my annoying brother jumped up and started this long story on what had acually happened, to which I replied "Shut Up !!!".

According to my mum, she had been frying fish when she realized that she had to pick my brother up from school. she hurriedly closed the fire on the stove and left the house. as she was walking back, my back neighbour informed my mum that the house was on fire. The firemen (which was tipped off by my neighbour on the left) arrived a few seconds earlier than my mum would have (they broke my front gate lock). The small blaze was put out immediately. The damage was little, the walls were a grey shade (some interior decorators might be jealous of how oddly the shade was perfectly spreaded across the ceiling), two cabinet doors were burnt, the toaster and hot water flasks were melted and the stove hood was completely gone.

The fire started because my stove (which is old, and the knobs constantly fall off) knob had not reached the 'O' mark. It was away from the mark by a few millimeters !!! So the heat heated the dry pan which caused sparks to ignite the stove hood. The whole place would have never caught fire if it wasn't for the damn hood !!! Ash and soot was all over the house and even in my room !!! My neighbour said that black smoke was coming out of my living room and all.

Aih ! ... the stuff that happens !

I seem to be fitting in finally at work. Certain things I didn't know how to do before don't seem so hard now (I still bumble my way through though !). Although, every thing has it's down side and working at Peter Hoe has one ! A certain staff member always gets on our nerves. Kinda like a carbon copy of Shantini only better looking, fairer, thinner, a lot older and has a little more sense in her head ( I said a little !!! ). That person drives me crazy !!! Thank God I'll be only working there for 3 months !!!! A year and a half with Shantini around was enough !!!

I'm running a blank ... I'm guessing I'm tired and should rest for another day of working !!! (Not that I'm complaining or anything !)


Thursday, March 01, 2007


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