Friday, March 10, 2006

Behind The Curtain's Shadows.

Finally !!! The tests are over . . . Life seems a bit more relaxed. The tests were an eye opener for me. I'm still taking STPM too lightly. I really need to step up, but saying it now is easy, doing it will be real tough.

After the 'heart-attack' of a chemistry test, I decided to hop from class to class. I needed friends to hang out with. I feel disconnected from my classmates, they and me are from different worlds. I needed to mix with my own kind so I decided to hunt for Sonia, Li-Shia, Denise and Suzanne. I found Sonia and Li-Shia also roaming the corridors aimlessly. I hung out with Li-Shia mostly. It's always a joy to talk to her. But, I kinda bored her with my problems ... it was so so liberating to let out frustration.

School ended, and finally my Biology group passed up our time consuming projects. Went for lunch with Sonia and Sham. We took a walk to Masjid Jamek , from V.I. We searched the whole area for a not-so-congested restaurant ! After finding the criteria-ed place, we ordered a plate of rice with many vegetarian side dishes. Unfortunately for us, we received instead two capati's and the vege side dishes. The service was slow and the food wasn't that great ! Last time we'll be going there ! Sonia, later, went to check the cloth at the saree store that she chose a few days back. It was quite beautiful ... light yellow with soft silver. So beautiful !

I met up with Denise and Suzanne at tuition. Yet, another laughter filled day, mostly because we three banded to make fun of Tinesh! So gratifying ! I was kinda slow but I got what Mr.Lingam was saying with the help of Denise. I managed to explain what was going in class to Suzanne because today she was so out of this dimension. Too much day dreaming Suzy !

Can't wait for American Idol . . Uh ! . . . which will be starting soon . . . Ciaozers !



Blogger Edward Ott said...

You have cured my nostalgia for going back to school.


9:42 PM  
Blogger Siedne said...

wohoo! i made someone understand chemistry when i dun even understand much myself! :D :D :D

*pats self on the back*

10:45 PM  

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