Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another State Of Mind

My heart is in another place. My life is looking back at the road not taken. I'm still as confused as I first came in into V.I.

The lower sixes finally registered themselves to the life of STPM in V.I. I sincerely hope they know what they're putting themselves through. For me, there is no time for regrets. I didn't fight harder for what I wanted and so this is my disastrous fate.

Yesterday's math exam put me in a somber mood that lasts till today. I better snap out of it soon because I so need to study for my chemistry exam. I let down my math teacher and I'm not about to prove Mr. Kali right by failing my chemistry paper.

Time management. Time management is something I seriously need to work on. I have not one ounce of will power in my blood. Maybe I am a free-spirit after all ? A free-spirit trapped in the Malaysian Education System !

It's hard to carry on doing something you greatly dislike. How can some people just plough through, doing something they hate ? I'll never understand that. My brain just shuts down when I continue hating what I do. Can you ever love something you hate ?

It never makes any sense. Not one bit of it ever makes any sense.

Life, at certain turning points is just senseless !

So, where's the SENSE in that ?



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