Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Nature Trek

Nobody should have to wake up at 6.30a.m on a Sunday ! I met Shook Yee in the 7-eleven near Leisure Mall. My mum pestered me to get my prepaid card and lo and behold, I met Shook Yee. Both of us waited for Alan and Mok to fetch us to Mok's home. We wanted to go to the Taman Wangsa hill to collect soil samples as it was nearer than Hulu Langat. But First, we had breakfast in a normal chinese coffee shop. My Milo was mixed with a whole lot of coffee ! Yuck !

The journey up the hill wasn't easy, Shook Yee and I were out of breath at the third stage of the trek. My heart was beating so fast it could have popped
out of my chest ! But it was so much fun. I never went jungle trekking before. It was so cool. Plus, I reached up to the sixth stage, which was two stages higher than Buzzy
has ever made, HaHa !

Along the way up, Alan and Mok collected the soil, whereas Shook Yee and I, decided to play, talk and sing ! When we reached the sixth stage, the track became much more dangerous, so we decided to turn back for Shook Yee's sake. Mok's smart idea was to use the shorter way back to his house. That way was so dangerous ! I slipped and slided everywhere but Shook Yee fell a couple of times, sending me into panic mode !

The greatest thing about trekking was that I could witness nature's true beauty. I wouldn't hesitate for a second if I had a chance to go back ! It was so cool.

Back at Mok's house, whilst he was having a bath, Shook Yee and I made friends with a friendly Rotweiler. It belonged to Mok's neighbour
(behind his home). It was sad that the owners neglected this dog. It was left alone, locked up all the time with no one to play with. I felt sorry for it.

In the car, we all decided to have lunch in Leisure M
all. Making a decision to eat in one place was so hard as everyone wanted to eat something else. Shook Yee = Shakey's Pizza, Mok = Sushi King, Alan = Chinese Food and I = Mr. Teppanyaki. We all finally ate in Kenny Rogers. :)

My parents picked me up from Leisure Mall and I completed some of my assignments soon after I reached home. I made a call to Sonia which turned to be horible for me and then, Stephanie called but we talked for awhile as I was quite busy, much to her dismay. I guess the plan for the rest of the day is to study and comp
lete the other assignments. Ugh ! Imagine the fun I'll have.

Huh !!!? It's raining right now whilst the sun is blazing hot ! Not good ! Not good at all ! It's acid rain.



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