Sunday, July 02, 2006

I'm Getting Football Crazy ! ( Football Mad Nation, Come On Come On ... !!! )

I can't belief England lost out on a penalty shootout ! I want to kill myself ! When I first realised that England was up against Portugal, I had no idea who to support ? I am an England fan to the bone but I too cannot deny Portugal's claim to the cup this year. So, I cried for England and rejoiced for Portugal. Great ! Now Portugal's up against Germany, both teams I have been supporting too. I guess it's Portugal's game this year. God Bless Portugal ! I felt Germany's game against Argentina was a total mess ! ( MESS ! ). Brazil must be kicking themselves now. Jason Lo was right, France is a spinning wheel, once started, it doesn't stop. I feel so sad for Brazil fans ... I saw their faces. Some couldn't even speak.

Yesterday was Scared Heart's Youth Fellowship. I had a great time. I guess I made more friends now. Joanne left early and missed Priya's hilarious performance. The Youth committee members broke into teams of 4 with 3 members in each team. They were colour coded; pink ( best dressed, they looked cool. Guys; black shirt and a pink tie. Emma wore a simple yet nice get up ), yellow ( didn't really like their sketch ), red ( they were ok ) and green ( Priya's gang ! ). The green team's sketch was based on their colour green, the colour showing life. So Priya and Christian started coming in like a couple of monkeys screaming and then Dennis joined in ( the Youth President). Their point ? They were showing life when man first sprouted from earth. They just kept on screaming and dancing ( That was the best ! ) I was laughing till crying. I wished they just recorded the whole thing. All the jumping, funny language, scratching armpits, licking floors ! They just kept on going. ( I'm still laughing ... )

Needless to say, Priya's team won ( it was sort of a competition ). I should go for more of these things.

Since I'm getting lazy to explain summore stuff ( I feel sometimes Li-Shia and and I are on the same plain-I too, feel like I'm running out of words to say, type and write )

Open Day aka Report Card Day didn't go as I expected. Mr. Leong put in more hope into my mum that there's a chance if I work really hard, that I'll do really well in STPM. I really really want to kill myself now !



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