Sunday, August 28, 2005

... Life Begins When You Wake Up !!! ...

Waking Up today was never so wonderful ... till everthing else learns to screw it up ... yet I always seem to complain ( I realised this a long time ago ... just bear with me please ... ) I decided that today was going to be a rest and relaxation day ... Buzzy gave me the idea ... ( what a bad influence !!! ).

I managed to catch a few shows on TV ... like Britney's Chaotic show ( which I watched before but couldn't resist watching again ... )

Now , while blogging I'm chatting ( more like fighting ) with Sonia and Surinder ... I played Monopoly just now and became the second richest player ... ( I dunno what does this have to do with anything ... maybe because I'm running out of ideas to type ... )

Hhhmmm... strange I forgot what I was going to say ... Oh well !!! It's gonna be a another boring day so I'll pen off again ... by the way the pictures are of Britney and two of my bestest friends with me !!!

Wow !!! I decided to watch Oprah and Bill Clinton was on it ... He's talking about his biographical book which coincidently mirrors my life when he was young ... now let's just hope I won't have an affair and the world finds out about it ... HaHa !!! In my opinion, Bill Clinton was the best US President ... he managed to avoid war and animosity amongst the countries of the world ...

Great !!! school's starting tomorrow and not a single homework was done ... I feel dread coming on because of tomorrow ... Thank God for I have good friends ... praying that nothing might keep me busy and in the end stresses me out ... how I only wish !!!



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